The Department of Malayalam and Kerala Studies of the University of Calicut has recently thrown open to the students,researchers and general public a major repository of traditional manusripts of invaluable information it gathered from various sources across the state over so many years of constant and laborious efforts. The repository named after Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam language is unique and rare in various aspects. The Thunchan Manuscripts Repository has 12045 palm-leaf manuscripts copies of 3250 individual works in 5037 codices, a rare collection of such huge manuscripts by any institution.

The manuscripts contain writings on traditional medicinal practises followed centuries ago, various sanskrit writings, ancient scholars, physicians, saints and mantras. Collections of huge volumes of scripts on toxicology, astology and ayurveda, the traditional herbal medicine are also aplenty in the repository. The repository is all set to pave the way for new studies and research in these areas of traditional subjects.

The repository is now in the process of being digitalised, which will protect the rare and worthy information dating back to centuries forever. The laudable efforts and ventures of the Malayalam Department under the dynamic leadership of Dr.P.M. Vijayappan, Head of the Department to make the repository a vibrant and excellent centre will lead to advanced studies and research in ancient literature and sciences .



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