A youth from Pattambi in Kerala (India) is in a very critical condition following a bike accident for want of the rarest and the most sparing blood group in the medical science for his life-saving. The blood group he requires badly for his survival is perhaps the unheared blood group for a layman, the Bombay O+ve group.

The youth, Mr.Ranjith Ravindran (27) is now in the ICU of the Kolencherry Medical College, hanging his life in balance.Mr.Ranjith met with a road accident on the Xmas day at Kothamangalam, when the bike he was riding collided with an auto.

Bombay O +ve is the rarest blood group found among the O+ve blood group people.In their blood, antigen A,B and H are not contained. Instead of H antigen in the O +ve, H antebody serum is only found in the Bombay group people.Those with this rare group can give or receive blood from the same group only. As per the information from the Blood Banks here, less than 10 persons have only been identified in Kerala with this blood group.Its also difficult to identify this group in the detection of blood group.The presence of H antebody can be known only if syrum grouping is also done.The blood test is done using the agent, H-Lectin.

The people with this Bombay +ve group are found more in Maharashtra and its bordering areas with Karnataka. Dr.Bhende identified this rare group at Mumbai (Bombay) in 1952. The name of this group is attributed to this.Can someone with this group be found anywhere to save the life of this youth in his prime age?




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