Meet Mr.Mohammed Kutty alias Bava Vaidyar, a simple and unassuming man of 65 years from Feroke here. He is a miraculous healer for the snake-bite victims here in Calicut and nearby areas. when the modern allopathic medicines failed to give succoor and life to victims of bites of poisonous snakes, it was the indigenous natural medicines prepared by Vaidyar that gave re-birth to them. Thanks to his powerful medicines, many people have survived the deadly snake-bites.

The life of Mr. Vaidyar is fully dedicated to the cause of providing relief and life to the people in distress and agony. He is not after publicity. The people who got re-birth at his precise and immaculate hands have words of high esteem and appreciation to the uncanny capabilities of the healing touch of this man. The true testimony of his silent healing powers come from his benefactors.No media has given any coverage to this extra-ordinary man. The instances of his life saving are spread from mouth to mouth of those who got relief from him.

Vaidyar’s family has been in the field of traditional treatment of poison-related ailments, especially the snake-bites, for the last so many decades. When there was no modern medicine, the medicines made by the family from the rare medicinal plants found on the mountains and hills were used for the treatment of the snake-bite victims. The same formulae is still adopted by Vaidyar for the treatment even now. Its a constant and difficult task to collect the dwindling medicinal plants from various far-off places, all single-handedly done by Vaidyar. The great tradion of the miraculous healing set by his great grand father Kalanthankutty Vaidyar, is still being pursued by Vaidyar literally with his magic wand.

Vaidyar has so far treated hundreds of snake- bite victimes and brought them back to life. In fact, he has broght back to life many snake-bite victims, who were given up by the alternative system of medicine. Many supposedly dead persons of snake-bites were re-lived by Vaidyar. He has cured the victims of bites of venmous snakes, like viper, cobra, python, cornsnakes etc. He never takes any fees from the victims. The entire treatment is free of cost. It seems he fulfills certain obligation to the humanity by means of his self-less service.He attributes all his healing powers and capabilities to the God.

I have a known classic example of his life-saving mission officer. Mr.Vijayan, who was working as a Circle Inspector of Police of Nallalam was bitten by a viper one day around 7pm near the Feroke Guest House. Instead of rushing him to the nearby Calicut Medical College, he was taken to Vaidyar by some local people. The medicines applied on his wounds and also given to him found good results after some 5 to 6 hours. He opened his eyes around 1 am . Mr.Vijayn still recalls the treatment and acknowledges with gratitude that but for the treatment by Vaidyar, he says he would not have survived. He still maintains good friendship with Vaidyar who he says has given him re-birth.

The treatment of Vaidyar is not confined to snake-bites alone. He also treats with his natural medicines for skin-diseases, especially soriasis, asthama and jaundice. Many people have benefited from his treatment, all at a faster pace.

Further, Vaidyar has made elaborate research on all natural methods of treatment. As a result, he is making a SOLID MERCURY BALL( RASAMANI) after long and continous efforts, blending all traditional medicines and mercury with divine prowess derived from intense prayers. The usage of this ball on the body will ward off all misfortunes, dangers and calamities from your life. This will also bring about happiness, prospirity and peace in your life, says Vaidyar.

The miraculous healer may not be knowing about this post, but he still remains a good friend and saviour of hapless victims of deadly snake-bites.

Pramod, Calicut University,kerala, India
+91 9447446169



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